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Passion, purpose, form and function. These are the four words that best describe my approach to design. These are attributes, which I could bring to your team in a continuing quest for purposeful and effect design and communication.

With fresh creativity and full understanding of brand and communication, your identity will grow and create a connection with your target demographic. Skill and dedication, accompanied with the full understanding of how design directly affects those it reaches–my continuing commitment is to the best solution for your design and creative needs.

Along with creating internationally award-winning designs, another focus is a commitment to create improved creative organization work-flow and project management systems.

With over 13 years in the design and visual communications industries, it is my continuous pursuit to greatly impact a brand, both creatively and within management. With this approach to creativity, a brand will have a firm foundation to make the impactful connection we are all looking for.

Please contact me with any questions.

Ryan Lephart